Denton is not just my home, it is my heritage. My great-grandfather, MT Cole, first moved to Denton in the early 1900’s. He built our family homestead, West of Denton, along HWY 2449, on one of the most beautiful pieces of land in this county. The house is no longer there, but I have fond memories of Sunday lunches on the front porch and fishing with cousins in the lakes. Today, that land includes part of Robson Ranch, and I love that they love living there.

In the early 1950’s, my grandparents Martin and Lucille Cole purchased some property on HWY 380 and built the home where I currently live. It was the house I came home to when I was born, and where my children came when they were born. My parents Don and Nancy Cole built the home I grew up in, on the North side of the property. My aunt and uncle, Phillip and Margaret, built their home on the property as well. My brother Josh and I grew up along side my cousins Mitchell and Molly, feeling more like siblings than cousins. My mother opened a small business in 1969 called Small Fry Children’s Clothing Shop.


Now I am raising my two children on this same hill, but the view is very different. The city has changed and it is an exciting change. While we have lost some of the small town feel, we have gained so much. Change is good, but should be measured and thoughtful. Relationships are important and need to be fostered. Our city needs a council that is forward thinking, while never forgetting who we are and the history that formed us. It needs a council that can work together to get things done. It needs people who care enough to put in the work.


I currently serve on the Denton Planning and Zoning Commission. I attend Saint Andrew Presbyterian church where my wife Amy and I are active with the children’s and youth programs. 


If you vote for me, I will commit to representing you well, working hard, and making Denton better for all who live here.

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