I am running for city council to serve the city that I love. I believe the best path to viability is economic growth.  We need to better support and encourage our small business entrepreneurs. As we grow we need to make sure that our Police and Fire Departments are equipped to match the pace. We also need a responsible energy program that allows for reliable, responsible, and affordable energy for all.     
Common Sense
Planning and Code Enforcement 

City codes are important to maintaining public safety and the integrity of our neighborhoods.  They can, however, hinder both residential and commercial growth when they become short-sighted and over regulated. 


We need to revise the grandfathering codes so that when a small business or new homeowner wants to move into one of these buildings, they are not faced with unreasonable expectations and cost to bring the building up to code. 


Our planning and zoning needs to be forward thinking when designing and redistricting our neighborhoods.  We can meet the ever growing student housing needs without sacrificing the existing neighborhoods. 


Parks and greenbelts are important ways to increase the value of neighborhoods, but we need to make sure that we are not creating higher rent/cost of living neighborhoods and overlooking our need for affordable housing.  

Responsible Energy Policies

Energy and its effect on the environment is without question a passionate topic to most in Denton, as it should be.  Denton is at the forefront of cities in Texas when it comes to creating and implementing clean energy.  I am proud of that fact and believe we should continue working toward more clean energy and less use of fossil fuels.  We have to continue to look to the future and make decisions that work toward that goal in a reasonable and responsible way.  

Economic Development

The most organic, non-invasive way to expand revenue is through economic growth.  Increased economic activity decreases the need for higher taxes and fees.  We must encourage and nurture small business development in Denton, and implement policies that will attract companies that provide higher paying jobs.  

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