The Issues

Quality of Life

There are over 190,000 people now living in Sioux Falls from many different backgrounds. This diversity requires public policy that works for not only some, but all. Our interest lies in keeping existing industries strong, while being open to new ideas that propel us into a better tomorrow.

I'm committed to doing the hard work, day in and day out, of making decisions for the people of Sioux Falls. And, I promise to meet people where they are at, to understand individual challenges, and listen to their ideas. I'm immensely thankful to those who have helped shape this city, and I am prepared to serve this wonderful city in any way possible.

Each decision I make will be grounded in investment and opportunity, with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility in utilizing your tax dollars to the fullest.

Economic Growth & Workforce Support

Sioux Falls is in a great position economically and well-situated to flourish even more. We want to grow industry in a manner that is socially responsible and provides living wages for everyone. We need to support the workers and their families. I'm prepared to address and tackle issues such as affordable housing, childcare, and food insecurity through policy incentives and public/private partnerships.

Traffic & Public Transportation

We've all noticed how traffic patterns & safety have become a concern in Sioux Falls. We live this every day. We've become frustrated when many streets are closed or unnavigable. We all want everyone to get where they need to go in a safe and affordable manner.

People put their lives at risk crossing very busy streets such as Louise and Minnesota. Public transportation needs to adapt and change as Sioux Falls grows. I will be at the forefront of assessing our current traffic and public transportation systems to help build a plan that works for everyone.

Public Safety & Security

When we talk about public safety, policing and crime rates usually come to mind first. However, I believe we must look deeper than this to strengthen our citizens' access to city government and the protection it offers. This requires a strong support system of safe roads to drive on, safe public places to enjoy, and a continued first-class first responder program. Diversion and supportive programs such as The Link can be further developed to help people through difficult times.

I pledge to work closely with city departments and citizens to understand the current situation, listen to their ideas, and move public safety programs forward for everyone living in Sioux Falls.