Why I'm Running

Sioux Falls has become a beacon of hope for so many, including one for me and my family. I want to give back to this wonderful city and the people that live here by serving you on your city council.

We enjoy an abundance of jobs, beautiful public places, and gorgeous entertainment venues. Our role as a regional center for industry, retail, restaurant, and healthcare services offers economic stability. This didn’t happen by accident; many have come before to build a firm foundation.

Sioux Falls has become a larger city, with larger city opportunities and challenges. Some of these are affordable housing, public safety, food insecurity, childcare, and transportation. Through our diversity—whether it be cultural, social, or economic—we will tackle these issues and more.

Together, let’s build an even better Sioux Falls.

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My Pledge

As your Sioux Falls City Councilor I will:

• Identify city challenges and opportunities by meeting with everyday citizens, other council members & the mayor, city department representatives, business, community & non-profit stakeholders.

• Collaborate with others to research, assess, and find solutions that will work for Sioux Falls.

• Introduce program ideas and policy to address our city's opportunities and challenges.

• Work hard with other decision-makers to implement these solutions.

• Meet with citizens and stakeholders to track and adjust plans over time to ensure success.